Apostle Phillip O Coleman (Gods General Of Healing) Apostle Coleman is a native of New York. He is the fifth child of Apostle Washington, Jr. and the late Evangelist Katie O.

Coleman. Brothers, uncles, aunts and cousins…Apostle Coleman comes from a family line of preachers. Phillip was the favored grandson of the late Pastor Estella Farrow, who was known as one of the most powerful and anointed women pastors in the New York area. At an early age, GOD (Yahweh) allowed this Prophet to be exposed to the happenings that were in the Brownsville area. He became the leader of the Baby lords gang of Brooklyn, N.Y. While fighting, robbing and ripping people off, GOD was preparing him for his ministry. At the age of ten years old, Apostle Coleman’s ministry began to come forth.

He went down in history as one of the youngest Bishops, with three churches, at the age of seventeen. He was also the founder of the Christian National Assembly (C.N.A.) which branched out into five states and a foreign country having over twenty churches. From a day care educational director and elementary school teacher, he began his Theology training. He received his certificates from the Christian School of Counseling and the Teacher’s Training Association in 1981. In 1986 he received his Doctorate of Divinity and was rewarded a Doctorate of Evangelism from the Lamp-Light International Bible College and Seminary in 2002.

Apostle Coleman received his Doctorate in Philosophy in 2006 from Amora. In 1987, God gave Dr. Coleman an Abrahamic mandate, which was to leave his kindred and go to the Carolinas. It was in the Carolinas where GOD said that he would elevate Apostle Coleman and he would establish Deliverance Tabernacle. This ministry was established outdoors under pine trees. Apostle Coleman also began his radio and t.v. ministry. Later he began to evangelize in the South Carolina area, where he settled and is now the pastor of Supernatural Miracle Deliverance Mega Center (Sumter, SC) and Supernatural Miracle Crusade Center (Monroe, N.C.) He has served as the Vice Pres. of Worldwide Churches of Deliverance.

In 1990, GOD allowed Apostle Coleman to meet Apostle and Evangelist Lonnie Sessoms, Jr. of Fayetteville, N.C. After observing his life, Apostle Sessoms heard in his spirit, “It takes the Anointing to Anoint the Anointed.” In Nov. of 1994, during the HAYAH X Convention, Apostle Sessoms, along with the Presbytery, consecrated Dr. Coleman to from a Bishop to an Apostle. God has given Apostle Coleman a mandate to bring a people back to Christ and to let the world know that the Holy Spirit is not dead but much alive. Apostle Coleman is now reaching the masses through both the means of internet radio. The seed of S.M.D.T. was planted and God began to give the increase in 1999. The establishment of Supernatural Deliverance Worldwide Fellowship became the yield of that seed.

Apostle Coleman yet has a desire to help teach our youth of today. With that in his heart, he enrolled in classes from the 3rd Judicial Circuit, office of the Solicitor, in which he successfully completed and became a Community Juvenile Judge in the Arbitration Program. In over 35 years of ministry, Apostle has ministered to many, touched the lives of thousands and traveled in many foreign countries and extensively in the U.S. Political leaders of cities have acknowledged and rewarded his tent ministry as he goes and rebuilds the torn down and ruined neighborhoods with a word of hope. Alcoholics, drug addicts and the demon possessed run to the altar to received that hope that he is preaching about. Apostle walks in the five fold ministry and the nine gifts of the Spirit.

God has given this Prophet a special Miracle Healing Anointing. Apostle Coleman was recommended and called to fill in a scheduled appointment that Internationally known Pastor Benny Hinn could not fulfill. Thousands of all ages have been healed, set free, delivered and cried out in repentance.